Monday, September 14, 2009


you, my lovely little world, are my kosher oyster and i am a giant walking point of view. old people and young people and dead people and people i wish were dead and sexy people (such as myself) and people i wish were sexy and dead sexy people and sexy dead people and insensitive people and sensitive assholes and lovely little daddy-issue faggots: i view you all from the comfort of my point. ants crawling out of a butt-hole in the ground. that's you, world. king of the hill. queen of the hole. that's me. i built this body out of food so you could spill yourself on my ass like a pierced poached egg. drink me. eat me. i make you big and i make you small. do whatever you want with my legs just don't fucking apologize. face-down on the counter-top, this is my point of view. this is my point.