Saturday, October 31, 2009


Morning passes for afternoon
And as the moon becomes a haze we wake
From strange sides of the bed.
The world feels brighter from below
And all of white is orange instead.
From our skin in our cloths we can't shake
The feeling more will happen; soon.

Crunchy leaves bunched in piles
Alite in flight of chase of minivans
Familiar miles down the streets.
Choruses of four-foot Deaths
Murder peace with four-foot breaths
Demanding handy candy treats
(Lest The Damned have other plans)
As each coy pumpkin squats and smiles.

Bigger figures mingle,
Fingers closed on glasses or to asses curled
And the evening passes for another world
Where no one is single.

And you and I meet in disguise.
At least, it could be you. And me.
Tomorrow we will pay the price
If the sun's alive
And we survive
But right now, this is very nice.
I take you where no one can see
But all the trees are full of eyes.

Orange in night light from the moon
We know that more will happen; soon.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009


i had this nightmare where i was slightly less in shape than i actually am and woke up in a body-image PANIC! the truth of the matter is, i'm rather in love with myself. i love my body, my face, my cock. i'm just not obnoxious about it. because self-obsession is unattractive.

on the nature/nurture spectrum, i feel like i'm off on a third axis: self-construction. my genes are the tools for building the person i want to be. i got lucky with genes. and parents. i guess those are the same thing, actually. heritage. but the past is just a bunch of ingredients for the future.

so i get to make myself into who i want to be. and i really like that person.

"I select a man and follow him into the adjoining glory hole." - Matt Seigel

Saturday, October 24, 2009

blog is better than real. IT'S FOREVER!

holy fucking shitballs. you heard right. Shit. Balls. that's where we are right now.

shit is intense. BUGHOUSE. inside-out roller-coaster feeling. and there is fucking borrito bits stuck in my teeth. AAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!

it's saturday night, we're in the office freaking our precious little hearts out, and pervy Old Man Time is face-fucking all our inner children. here are the things (barely) keeping me sane right now:

  • scissor sisters
  • scooter racing
  • my new s2vs jacket. and s2vs is having a fucking clearance sale that i am fucking missing because i am here in fucking bastan. fucking.
  • i love my straight-people friends but two weeks is a lot of hetero to handle for me these days
  • brian kenny is a god damn fox
  • this list has become just random shit i'm thinking

Monday, October 19, 2009

status update

a quick checkup. i am in boston for two weeks on business. if the missing me becomes too much, just remember that i'm not really as awesome and funny and gorgeous as you think i am. which we both know is not true but i have faith in your imagination.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Things I Fucking Love, Vol. 11

again, more of a person, but gail collins.

Friday, October 09, 2009

the tooth, dear duke, THE TOOTH!

i have two sentimental artifacts.

let me start this post again.

i HAD two sentimental artifacts. important things which are important to me for purely personal reasons. one of them - my tooth necklace, or "necktooth" - is gone. lost forever. this is a singular loss of faith for me.

not only was it a) precious to me, and b) muthufuckin' badass, but it was also c) completely irreplaceable. that is, i am completely unwilling to replace it. this was my tooth, bythewayifyoudidn'tknow. it came out of my head. like athena.

if you never enjoyed the rare (and now highly collectible) pleasure of knowing my necktooth, then i will paint for you a picture made out of words:

mithing you

erupted maxillary molar,
meet your surgical cajoler.
with my gums a tender rouge
you are, they tell me, "fucking huge."

tooth libre: how well you'd make
a biohazardous keepsake.
mother comes from crafty kin
and teeth, she says, are always in.

pearly white and free of tartar,
what a conversation starter!
"the tooth? why yes, it came from me.
"i brush and floss it twice daily."

nestled in my sternal nook
tooth ignores that nasty look.
it is wise beyond disgrace
this wizened grin beneath my face

but now my neck feels naked. raw.
fate has torn us both apart.
i have a hole inside my jaw
and another in my heart.

hold your applause, please

Thursday, October 01, 2009


i sometimes make (usually) small changes to posts after i blog them and i don't leave notes about it. i just wanted you to know that about me. in case you thought i wasn't the kind of person who did that kind of thing. i am.