Monday, September 14, 2009

a threat to the traditional definition of infidelity

fun. it's what i do. it's my middle name. scott "fun" thomas. why my parents chose to include the quotation marks is a bit of a mystery. a cruel mystery, really; people at the dmv usually seem like they're making fun of me. making "fun," that is. haha, get it?

some things fun and i have recently done:

and all of that is in addition to the normal fun things i do, like drink myself sideways, disrobe on the dance floor, and go home with what can only be called "people."

if you know of something "fun" to do, please alert me! my social calendar is packed, but there are plenty of friends i have been meaning to blow off. and of course, we are fast approaching the annual holocaust of fun that is HALLOWEEN! i need to get a costume and a life insurance policy.

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