Monday, July 13, 2009

faster than a speeding bullet point

  • i am going to quickly fill you in on my life. if i go too fast, you can always read slower.
  • in a surprise turn of events, the super job offer i had was withdrawn. it was an awful situation. i feel terrible about it. i am currently accepting pity - verbal, non-verbal, and edible - so please give generously.
  • in consequence of which, i have NOT been going out or having fun or making friends or getting laid.
  • instead, i sit around my castle in mourning attire, awaiting the handsome youth of the duke's dispatch to educate me on the radiance of my beauty, and the cruelty my reclusion does the world.
  • ben is moving to san diego on the 21st. this also makes me a sad panda.
  • i briefly entertained the notion of joining him for a few months and living large in the ca sun.
  • i ruled against it in the interest of the job hunt. i want a job in new york, so that's what i'm focusing on.
  • i've already been contact by six companies and i have a phone interview in about five minutes.
  • we have a new roommie: jessica. i like her.
  • i get up late, i stay up late, i work, i look for work. i don't eat as well as i should. i (still) don't have a gym. i run sometimes. yeah.