Thursday, April 19, 2007

You're in Luck

6 months ago I informed you - "threatened" might be more accurate - that you had until April 19, 2007 to switch to Ubuntu or else I would not be your friend anymore. Well it's April 19 and guess what: you're in luck! because I'm officially extending the deadline*. You now have all the way until at least October 18th to mend your wicked ways. Generous of me, I know, but that's just who I am. Now for the good news: the new version of Ubuntu is available today, right on schedule.

Now listen up. You don't have to install Ubuntu (yet), but you really ought to. Here's why:

  • At the tantalizing price of FREE, it's cheaper than just about anything else out there, Vista included.
  • It's easier to use than any version of Windows. The Mac is still the easiest, but I refer you again to point one.
  • Far and away, this is the best version of Ubuntu yet! Obviously, but this release has some major enhancements to ease the move from Windows. OS migration tools, automatic audio/video codec downloading, vendor-provided graphics drivers, and network management are just the highlights. It also has Wicked Retarded desktop effects (disabled by default).
  • It is free. No, not "free" as in "I refer you again to point one," but "free" as in "freedom." Emancipate yourself from the shackles of proprietary operating systems. Resistance is not futile. Join the revolution!
  • I will love you if you do. I may still like you if you don't (at least until 18 Oct), but switching to Ubuntu guarantees you a special place in my heart.
  • All the cool kids are doing it. I mean, I'm doing it. Come on!
  • You will get cancer if you don't. It's true. I read it somewhere.
  • Vagina.
So those are just some of the great reasons to start using Ubuntu. What are you waiting for? Head on over to and grab this bad boy. Baby Jesus wants you to.

* The reason I'm extending the deadline is that Beryl/Compiz default enablement slipped again.