Friday, April 20, 2007


Exactly 2 years ago on April 20th, 2005, Google launched Search History, allowing users to record every search they make and every result they visit. Two years worth of searches must say something about me, so here are the stats:

In the 730 days from 7:19pm, 20 April 2005 to 12:45am, 20 April 2007...

  • I conducted 12,173 searches. That's an average of 16.68 searches per day.
  • There are 44 days on which I conducted no searches.
  • The longest search-free stretch came over the five days from 31 July - 4 Aug of '06. I was visiting Lex in Austin TX at the time.
  • The hour of day when I search most is 12 - 12:59am: 1,063 searches.
  • The hour of day when I search least is 7 - 7:59am: 11 searches.
  • The day of the week on which I search most is Tuesday: 1,951 searches.
  • The day of the week on which I search least is Friday: 1,518 searches.
  • The top month is August with 1,436 searches.
  • The bottom month is July with 716 searches.
  • My first recorded search was: order the guy in a chicken suit to do things (I was looking for the Subservient Chicken).
  • My most frequent search queries include
    • stock:GOOG - Clicking on Google's stock price on my homepage used to perform this search.
    • gmail - I often just type this into Firefox's location bar as a quick way to get to Gmail. FF then does an "I'm Feeling Lucky" search which shows up in my search history.
    • azureus - Back when I would reinstall Windows every six months, this was one of my first downloads.
    • media player classic - As was this.
    • summer of code - Been doing this search a lot lately. The SoC URL is tough to remember.
    • steam - I use this query when I'm testing a new search feature.
    • daily show - I used to do this search to find the Daily Show video page. These days I use YouTube.
I love statistics and I especially love statistics about myself. I'll have some really interesting numbers to share with you in a few weeks which I've been collecting for some time, but until then I hope this quenches your thirst for me-related data.

Well, be!