Thursday, October 26, 2006

Ask not what your blog can do for you...

Rarely do I ask more of you, dear reader, than to consider this, or imagine that, or seance for the summoning of so-and-so, but today I make an exception. The new version of Ubuntu was just released. I'd really like it if you gave it a try. I know an OS installation can be a big deal, so I understand if you want to pass on this one, but be aware that the next version of Ubuntu (slated for release April 19th) will not be optional. You either make the switch or you say goodbye to our friendship. You have until April.

But if you think you'd like to try Ubuntu now, here's some persuasion:

  • Ubuntu is totally free: no cost, no license. It is a gift to you from the penguin god.
  • You can keep Windows around and choose if you want to use Windows or Ubuntu every time you start your computer.
  • Installation is dead easy:
    • Go to
    • Download 6.10 for the desktop (if you're familiar with bittorrent, defiantly use that for the download).
    • Burn the image. You'll need something like Nero or DaemonTools (the latter is free).
    • Pop the CD in and restart.
    • Behold! You're running Ubuntu! To permanently install it, click the "Install" icon on the desktop. When the installation is done, you can toss the CD.
    • That's it!
  • After you've installed Ubuntu, you probably want to install EasyUbuntu. That takes care of things like audio/video codecs, browser plugins, and other things that don't come pre-installed with Ubuntu for legal reasons.
  • What "Just works" in Ubuntu:
    • Surf the web
    • Check your email
    • Instant message
    • Create and edit MS Office documents (Word et al)
    • Listen to your music
    • Rip and burn CDs
    • Sync your iPod
    • Connect your digital camera
    • Watch videos
    • And more
  • Caveats:
    • You can't listen to music you've bought on iTunes (blame DRM)
    • Not all PC games are available for Linux (keep that Windows install around).
    • That's everything that comes to mind.
If you decide to install, be sure to backup your files, bookmarks, etc. Put them on a data CD or DVD or an external hard drive.

If you have any questions, there is a great Ubuntu community ready and willing to help. I'm also more than happy to lend a hand. Send any questions you have and I'll do my best to answer:
lunchtimemama at gmail dot com.

FLOSS daily.