Monday, November 14, 2005

The Events of My Day: Sunday, November the Thirteenth, Two Thousand and Five

  • Forgot all of my dreams.
  • Hunted and gathered myself a breakfast.
  • Bade the noon-day sun farewell.
  • Entered a windowless room of rehearsal.
  • Did the things one does.
  • Emerged upon the darkened streets.
  • Hopscotched through pools of artificial light to a campus cafeteria.
  • Plummeted through faintly vaginal tunnels of transit.
  • Made out with a crazy girl in a car. Four times.
  • Revealed a secret.
  • Assisted in the happying of a birthday (despite my own sorrow).
  • Made out with the crazy girl in the car again.
  • And again with the vagina imagery.
If I could impregnate a woman with all of the things I don't know, she would surely birth a most brilliant something.