Friday, January 01, 2010

Yesterday's Gone But Where Is Tomorrow?

the hotel room i was in this time last year feels like a metaphor now. meaning displacement. and soul-crushing unhappiness. and change. it's a kindof clumsy metaphor. so i suppose it suites my clumsy existence this time last year.

i owe 2009 to a lot of people. my sister gets credit for bringing me home (and a million other wonderful things). there is a polish couple in new zealand who helped me out before i left, and a haitian cab driver who helped me when i arrived. friends of mine were good to me (special mention to ben, adam, ross) and the new friends in my life are so important, whether i am brave enough to tell them or (more often) not. my mom and dad never loose faith, at least not to my face. to miguel i owe my job. and there are people i cannot thank by name or in person (the bravery issue again). they will just have to guess that i was secretly in love with them all along and suffered deeply behind my politeness. thanks to everyone for everything. i am a team effort and i hope my sponsors are proud.

i'm searching for a metaphor to describe my existence this new year's eve. i have a lot of interesting things to say but i need to think about them more. i'll try to tell you another time. when we're better people.