Monday, January 25, 2010


"when you've lost as many arguments as i have, you come to realize that being right, like youth, is just about timing."

the metaphor for my own mortality that ran over my phone has prompted some due reflection on what i do and do not care about. about what i do and do not care. sorry.

in-progress writings. i cared a lot about those. it is an article of faith that everything happens for me to make up a reason; maybe now i'll write better stuff that cabs won't run over.

my boyfriend. i possibly didn't mention this boyfriend. or defiantly. i'm not usually other boys' boyfriend. or ever. anyways, i care a lot about him. anyway. sorry.

other things within the themes of importance or impermanence or interest to the internet in general:

  • my face looks much better now that it finally has the piercing it was always missing
  • mexican pete is AALLLLMMMMOSST gone. we're coming up on, like, three months. which is, like, a fourth of a year. which is, like, nutter butter crazy. (mem. write a fair-well poem.)
  • there was a trashcan that was a little bit on fire and i called 911 about it and a firetruck showed up and the firemen put it out. i am no hero! only a concerned citizen.
when it's the future, i'm getting holographic flame hair that changes color with the performance of my stock portfolio. and i'm doing that before it's "the thing" to do with your holographic hair. one's holographic hair, i mean.