Friday, October 09, 2009

the tooth, dear duke, THE TOOTH!

i have two sentimental artifacts.

let me start this post again.

i HAD two sentimental artifacts. important things which are important to me for purely personal reasons. one of them - my tooth necklace, or "necktooth" - is gone. lost forever. this is a singular loss of faith for me.

not only was it a) precious to me, and b) muthufuckin' badass, but it was also c) completely irreplaceable. that is, i am completely unwilling to replace it. this was my tooth, bythewayifyoudidn'tknow. it came out of my head. like athena.

if you never enjoyed the rare (and now highly collectible) pleasure of knowing my necktooth, then i will paint for you a picture made out of words:

mithing you

erupted maxillary molar,
meet your surgical cajoler.
with my gums a tender rouge
you are, they tell me, "fucking huge."

tooth libre: how well you'd make
a biohazardous keepsake.
mother comes from crafty kin
and teeth, she says, are always in.

pearly white and free of tartar,
what a conversation starter!
"the tooth? why yes, it came from me.
"i brush and floss it twice daily."

nestled in my sternal nook
tooth ignores that nasty look.
it is wise beyond disgrace
this wizened grin beneath my face

but now my neck feels naked. raw.
fate has torn us both apart.
i have a hole inside my jaw
and another in my heart.

hold your applause, please