Thursday, February 12, 2009


  • Got up at like 4pm
  • Took a shower
  • Said goodbye to Kris and Jess - they are traveling and I won't see them again maybe ever. BYE GUYS!
  • Had a lamb kabab. That's a NZ style kabab, which is like a wrap.
  • Got some work done because I'm super-responsible
  • Went to the gym. It is my precious.
  • Took another shower.
  • Some of these bullet points have punctuations and others do not. Sorry about that.
  • Now I'm doing a salmon recipe that Michael gave me.
I feel that this post fails to capture how awesome I feel right now. I don't know if that's a failure of my communication skills or because I'm feeling good for no reason and therefore the format of the post (what I did today) under-serves the topic. This annotation clears things up a bit, but its formal tone is also largely inexpressive of my giddiness.

The geek shall inherit the earth