Thursday, February 05, 2009

Feb Five

It's like the Fab Five, only more "brewery."

  • Made myself a delicious fluffy omelet (see below poem) and ate it in the sun with my book.
  • Took a swim in the house pool for the first time ever.
  • Read more of my book.
  • Had a beef wrap, which is just so much fun to say. I suggest you try it: "beef wrap." Go on. Say it out loud. And say it like it's a double-entendre. Lower your voice and cock an eyebrow. "Beef wrap..." Then wink. Do that to the next person you meet. I task you!
  • Went to the gym. It is my Final Solution.
  • Masturbated in the shower. Some of my more elaborate rituals are yielding a rather poor return on investment of late. I blame the flaccid economy.
  • Had some fish and apple sauce. I'll probably make myself some pasta in a bit. I'm a-hungered.
I say "tomato," you say "beef wrap," LET'S CALL THE WHOLE THING OFF!