Saturday, January 17, 2009


My aforementioned habit of listening to one artist/album/song on repeat all day has the corollary effect that whatever I happen to be doing during these musical marathons runs the risk of becoming indelibly associated with that "theme song." Example: Unreal Tournament 2004 & Brittany Spears' Toxic. Yeah, I know.

I got hard into Blink-182 when I started college. That was also when I began frequenting an art forum which was kickin' in '04 (speedpainting IV was fucking EPIC - too bad most of those images are dead now) but has since spent its spunk, it seems. Anyway, I was really inspired at the time to get into visual arts and digital painting. I went out and bought a Wacom tablet (Intuos 6x11 - a terrific tablet) and started doing some doodlings.

I thought I was pretty good for someone with exactly no training, self- or otherwise. I ended up pursuing code in my free time rather than art, but I still think about these whenever I hear Blink (and vice versa). It makes me want to paint.

Being old just takes practice.