Thursday, March 29, 2007

Thursday, March 29th Was Awesome

As you may already know, today was awesome. I woke up to a call at 9am from my masked drama teacher. He was phoning to tell me that our 11 o'clock class was canceled. He also said I was a wonderful actor with whom he would love to work in the future. +2 ego, +5 sleep.

I got up at 2, took a shower, shaved, and had a samich. Then I saw a wonderful presentation by Ken Perlin. He sounds a little like Wally Shawn. Then I had Chipotle with a friend. It was back to the dorm for some good porn and a great wank. Then I watched the News Hour and they had a sensational story about the trial of Hamlet (audio). This is the first (and probably only) rehearsal day when I am not called, so I went to the gym and had dinner. I took another shower and turned on my computer to write this post. 10 minutes till the Daily Show. What a great day.