Monday, January 15, 2007

Back Again

Every time I return to the city I feel a little more like I'm coming home. My school is not a place in the way other colleges are. We half-jokingly call Washington Square Park our "campus," but it's really just a small park with lots of kids. This contributes to the homeliness of going back to school. I'm living some place that I could conceivably call home for my adult life: New York City.

The flight was fine. I've started reading Dracula (Laura gave it to me for Christmas along with The Origins of Species - she knows just what I like). I met my new roommate: Joe. He's a transfer from BU. I was delighted to learn that Lex and Nick were still in the city (they leave for Italy tomorrow). I was equally delighted to learn that Ross's girlfriend, Jordi, is living in Lafayette this semester. Ross, Jordi and I went out to dinner and then to meet Lex and Nick at a Belgium beer place. Then we came back to the room for quesadillas, muffins, movies, and bad wine. We started watching Fargo but popular opinion ultimately sided with Old School. I'm feeling well.