Tuesday, September 07, 2010

future tops

in my parents' house's downstairs bathroom shower how ok is it to fuck my phantasm teenaged boy body whose ripe asshole was forbidden fruit at the time? it's pretty ok in a teen wet dream time machine shower hour ('cause that's how long the hot water lasts), right?

i'm like a big and thoughtful cucumber. i have one thing to say very slowly and it makes a lot of cucumber sense. i am talking to myself now which is unlike me. the water is hot.

let's sit on the little seat in the shower mould with you on me and the shaky sliding fiberglass door. hold yourself. open your eyes. see that cock? we are the same! enjoy it while you can sweet child, the water is still warm.

he means i am proud of this curiosity or jealousy or whatever about your confusion in a timely dream like some perfect accident. and he means well. oh no, you already came! it's time to stop now. the water isn't hot anyway.

basically i will fuck the fantasy of any memory of me after the habitat for humanity day when i think i was like 14 and 1/2. when masturbation was an education or an invention or something. when i could have been the thomas edison of slutty fruits and vegetables.