Monday, April 19, 2010

i think i'm off

rey has collected over 25 Spring Eggs and their Spring Basket is now 'Burgeoning'!

first of all, farmville, punctuation goes inside the quote marks. and "their" is plural. rey has collected over 25 Spring Eggs and his or her Spring Basket is now 'Burgeoning!' and since facebook requires one to conform oneself to the gender binary you ought to know with which sexist pronoun to reference my friend rey. none the less, this datum TURNS ME ON!

according to my science, it is spring. that equinox when dyed hair begins to bloom. my hair says hello, by the way. the future approaches as ever, whispering to me through each inch of male patterned baldness. my new future holographic hairdo is a pony galloping on a rainbow with SPARKLES bee-tee-dubbs!

so i'm scared. tah da. scared of it. not the hair thing silly. it the real it. you know and i know and we both know. and i feel like i fell out of a pocket and got ran over by a cab. but rey's basket is burgeoning. but porn is great. but it's spring. but i've got you. and an ipad. and you.