Saturday, March 20, 2010

bulimia is no joke

as usual, all the crazy shit is happening. thankfully, everyone is right where i left them in their crazy little places. shaking my booty helps A LITTLE. joy and everything else feels like a heart-attack. a booty-attack. god, this punctuation makes me want to throw up. HRRUUU,.,..-.-.,.AAGG fuckyoupunctuation bang bang bang bang. now shake that booty. be all things at all times. shakeshake. see the spaces betweeeeen. shakeshake. give generously to public radio. shakeshake. suck your boyfriend off every morning and every night. shakeshake. god, this music is SO GOOD. i'm already really excited. if i had more time i'd DRAW YOU A PICTURE or something. LIKE WRITE A NOTE OR SOMETHING. i'd explain this or that and myself and ya know. but my trusty booty and i have places to be!