Wednesday, December 02, 2009

i want us to run away and get hitched in a foreign jurisdiction, but fuck! we just CAN'T ELOPE!

OH READER, you old coot. how the hell are you? i'm always getting these "feelings" but this time i really feel it. like we're like this, you and me. you maybe can't see; i'm twisting two fingers together. yeah, i feel like we're close. private. biblical. i'm just kidding, SILLY!

or am i?

enough of riffraff; let's get down to business. the serious stuff.

over here is me, symbolized by this cantaloupe. now cantaloupes don't have noses, but i do. and i want to talk briefly about mine.

richard feynman wrote brilliantly about smell. summarily, people smell better than we pretend we do. "smell better" i mean have a stronger facility for olfaction, not what you thought i meant. i feel (there i go again!) like we only really exercise our sniffer when we're COOKING or having SEX. the rest of the time, smell is bad. an intrusion. a violation. "you smell" is an critique instead of a tautology.

smell has to be my favorite sense. if i were given to favoritism. it combines the unelectiveness of sound with the proximity of touch. and it's everything wonderful about taste.

smell isn't about understanding, the way the fancier senses are ("look, ..." "listen, ..." "do you feel me?"). smell is about relationship. it establishes identity and situation. transient and ambient, odor precedes and lingers. it is a product of our bodies; not our minds.

that's my third semicolon which means it's time to call it quits. i have more to say but it all means so much and i'm tired. also there is a very real risk of further semicolons and i'm seriously NOT IN THE MOOD FOR THAT SHIT right now.

smell somebody. now. do it because i told you. my blog is depressingly odorless, but this post ends with a whiff of a woman. or a man. take your pick and stick your shnoz at the nearest body. and remember it! because it's about memory too.