Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Case #31861

City of David Dept. of Child Services
December 25th, 0

Multiple complaints of suspicious activity at local establishment The Inn. Responding CoDPD officer confirmed crying from within adjunct barn. Entered barn on probable cause to discover infant male and 9 suspects:

Female, age 12-16, believed to be the mother, psychologically unstable. Describes audiovisual hallucinations and claims to have been asexually impregnated by a spirit. Recommend rape counseling as well as further diagnosis of psychotic episodes and treatment for possible chemical abuse. Currently in the care of CoD Woman's Health Clinic postnatal unit.

Male, age 25-35, claims to be the mother's husband but not the father. No identification or marriage licence on record. DNA tests scheduled. Currently being held on charges of child endangerment, child abuse, and sexual assault. He has filed for custody.

Three cloaked males, ages 45-60, claim to be "here to adore the child." Currently being held on charges of child exploitation, sex trafficking, expired visas, and first degree possession of frankincense and myrrh with intent to distribute.

Three younger males, ages 18-28, also claim to be inquiring after the child. Report to have been referred by a man in white robes wearing wings. The description has been relayed to all area precincts. The men are currently being held for questioning.

Male, age 5-7, with drum. Also said to have "gift" for the baby. Currently in the care of CoD Dept. of Child Services. Under examination for sexual abuse and drug use. Due for transfer to Longterm Intermediate Housing.

Infant male found lain in feed hay. Currently in NICU. Tetanus and rabies sequences for unsanitary exposure to animal livestock. Tests reveal blood alcohol content above 90%. Life expectancy: short.

Inn Keeper being held on charges of accessory child endangerment and unlicensed keeping of animal livestock.