Saturday, May 23, 2009

Three Musketeers

Excerpts from our Craig's List ad, courtesy of Ben:

Adam is reserved yet adventurous, and though his batteries require alone time to recharge, he is completely sociable. He lacks the voracious wit of Ben and Scott, yet his keen social awareness, general desire to keep everyone happy, and zen-like gravitation towards flexibility when it comes to the little decisions (as opposed to childish warlording), make him a benefit to any social setting 100% of the time.

Adam is an actuarial consultant for Towers Perrin, meaning he puts his perfect-test-score-brain to use for The Man, 9-to-5-style. He’s also responsible for the giant flat screen plasma wall TV and the sick black leather couch.

momma-dAdam (so called because of his bread-winning AND expert house-wifery) puts his incredible drive towards more interesting stuff as well. He can break the sound barrier with a bull-whip, hypnotize you, and although our kitchen occasionally turns into his personal brewery for small periods of time, we know you’ll enjoy drinking all the beer that he produces (which can go toe-to-toe with your favorite micro-brews).

Ben is somewhat in a period of transition, and results of personality alteration experiments he’s conducting with Scott are still being processed. Typically though, he’s very outgoing, a bit goofy, and has a smidgeon of (only quasi-serious) arrogance that he gets away with because of his uncanny charisma, social finesse, and adorable self-awareness. If occasionally he’s behaving oddly or ineffectively or professing alternative opinions, it’s probably because he feels the need to make statements about the poor value system of humanity at large, unless it’s a rare instance when he is being different just for the sake of it.

Ben’s insight into the human condition and ability to reason analytically are unparalleled. He’s also overall the best gamer in the house, and covers a good chunk of his frugal lifestyle with money he brings home from miniatures events. The rest of it comes in from temp work and the dregs of his trust fund, which hopefully won’t bleed to death before his web-based T-Shirt company gets off the ground. He would love to spend all of his free time acting, writing, and gaming.

Scott is very extroverted and generally the bubbliest of the three, though his capacity to shut out the world around him and sit amidst raucous socialization coding an innovative masterpiece for well-known web millionaires is remarkable. Scott enjoys intelligent discourse perhaps even more than Ben and Adam, and he has quite a wealth of knowledge, as well as an impressive though unnecessarily large vocabulary.

Scott thinks of life as an opportunity for experience. This intellectual viewpoint shows on his sleeve as he tries to get Ben and Adam to go to anything and everything there is to do in the city on an almost daily basis. He’s also easily excited by ideas that are so crazy they just might work, and he’s often hatching some sort of scheme with Ben. He’s also occasionally a frantically disorganized and neurotic mess.

Ultimately, Scott has a youthful and full social presence, and his adorable smile and cuddly nature are enough to win anyone and everyone.