Thursday, June 05, 2008

The Latest, and so forth

Posting has been sparse. Sue me. What have I been up to? Well, I *did* mention I am gradumatated, didn't I? I've been putting around home for a month or so, reading and watching various media.

Right now mom and I are visiting her mother in Charlotte (my favorite aunt, Linda, just walked in and we're about to head to the Olive Garden) for a family-related thingy thing.

I read Chuck Palahniuk's new "Snuff" today. I didn't care for it as well as "Rant". I'm leaving for Seattle on the 16th. We're in Seattle until the 20th, then we fly to New York, then train to Boston on the 24th, then fly to LA on the 27th, and then it's around the world. I am so freaking excited. THIS IS MY EXCITED FACE!

I'm writing this from the cool new Blogger Google gadget, so I may do more postings soon.

P.S., Yes, I know book titles should be italicized, no put in quotes, but the gadget is somewhat lacking in formatting features. SUE ME TWICE!

P.P.S., And I'd have liked to boldify that last bit, but ya know, WHAT CAN YOU DO?!