Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Gone Bananas!

I don't eat bananas. They are just one of those fruits I never ingest under any circumstance ever. From the time I was born until about a week and a half ago, I had eaten exactly no bananas. Which brings us to a week and a half ago. We were teching our shows and I was all of a hungered. Then Pat, one of our freshman lackies, proffered me a bit of a bite of his banana. I informed everyone within earshot that I never eat bananas at all because of 1) their stupid taste, 2) their gross texture, and 3) I don't like the banana-flavored runts (for the same reasons I don't like bananas). I forget what happened next, but it involved me eating the banana. I know!

Flash three days later: I come in for strike and inform every Caroline Counts within earshot that I am all of a hungered. WHAMEE! She whips out a banana. BIFF! I peel. *GRODY BANANA NOISES* It is gone.

I am now averaging a banana a day. My new director, Ian, is even getting them for me. I guess I've...

Gone Bananas!
A farse in three acts
by S.T. Peterson