Friday, August 17, 2007

A Real Post

It's been a while since I've done a proper "what I'm up to" post. Here's the quick and dirty.

  • Summer school ended. It was a mixed bag, but I survived.
  • I'm wrapping up my Google Summer of Code project. That's also been kind of a mixed bag experience, but, again, I survived (and got paid).
  • I popped by MN for a week to smooze the losers at home. It was fun fun.
  • I came back to NY for three days (am there right now) to move to my new apartment. It's very huge and in a great part of town - the seaport.
  • I moved. It was no fun fun. Haven't unpacked yet.
  • I'm reading the latest Will Gibson book. I'll tell you all about it (there's stuff to tell) later.
  • I woke up today (Thursday) at something like 4:30 pm and had Chipotle. Then I rode the Staten Island Ferry there and back (just because) and read some.
  • I'm leaving on a plane in, like, three hours back to MN and then straight to Seattle. I'll tell you all about that later too.
  • Then I should be back in MN for two or so days, then back to NY to see some shows and play fucking Bioshock. I'm seriously so stocked.
More as it comes in.

P.S. My new favorite song is "Before I Drive Away" from the album Songs for Ice Cream Trucks (iTunes link - DRM: ug)