Sunday, March 18, 2007

Spring Break Wrapup

Spring break has come and gone. The Cliff Notes:

  • Ate lots of food. (I'm slowly spooning chunky peanut butter down my gullet at this very moment)
  • Mommy bought me some new cloths.
  • Had lots of quality Brittany Time(tm).
  • Made a program for my Mum to handle a misbehaved digital camera (it doesn't work because Windows sucks the fuck).
  • Applied for the Google Summer of Code.
  • Watched Stranger Than Fiction and Zodiac and 300 (at the IMAX with Beckman) and Casino Royal.
  • My cousin Josh stopped over for a day on his way to Mexico.
  • I am still the Undisputed Pinball Master of the Universe(tm). UPMOTU FTW!
Wanna die? Everyone's doin' it.