Wednesday, February 14, 2007


This blog started as a daily journal of my happenings. I've gotten significantly lazier about posting over the year, but here's a rough outline of my schedule this semester.

  1. Wake up at...
    1. 7* on Mon, Tues, Thur
    2. 9 on Wed, Fri
  2. Get breakfast**
  3. Go to class***
  4. Get lunch****
  5. Go home and check The Internet
  6. Watch The News Hour with Jim Lehrer at 7
  7. Go to the gym at 8
  8. Eat dinner at Palladium (the gym) at 9.30
  9. Go home and do more computer stuff
  10. Watch Daily Show and Colbert Report from 11-12
  11. Do God knows what until I realize it's 2am
  12. Crawl into bed
* 12pm if I don't go to class
** Lunch if I don't go to class
*** NOT go to class if I don't go to class
**** An early dinner if I didn't go to class

I hope this provides a useful insight into my life. If you ever look at your watch and wonder, "I wonder what Scott's doing right now?" you'll know*****. Well, goodnight everybody.

***** Or you won't know, depending on whether or not I went to class