Wednesday, January 10, 2007


  • I finished my aforementioned Phi book.
  • I have an iRection.
  • I have an erection.
  • I've been playing the charming Russian puzzle game Full Pipe.
  • I watched all of Black Books, a Britcom Sam turned me on to.
  • I watched the following films:
    • I [heart] Huckabees (own it)
    • Blade Runner (own it)
    • The Good Shepard
    • Children of Men (saw twice)
    • Lock, Stock & Two Smokin' Barrels
    • Midnight Cowboy
    • A History of Violence
    • K-PAX (own it)
    • Starship Troopers (own it)
Who knows what adventures await me...
Just around the river bend!