Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Parsing Base64 Encoded Smart Playlists from iTunes Music Library.xml

Dear Google,
I commit this post to your index in the hopes that it may one day satisfy the query of a woebegone programmer desiring, for some unholy reason, to interpret the Base64 encoded binary representation of the logical criteria of smart playlists in the iTunes Music Library.xml file, for the fate they should otherwise suffer is a hell I know all too well. They are to rejoice, for the code is neigh. And Behold! for it is C#. Alas, it is not the prettiest of code; I am young and strange to the ways of computer science; but it does work. It is to be found in SmartPlaylistParser.cs and in Enums.cs, and the project to which this code is a part is to be found here, and a demonstrable screencast of the project is here. And, dear Google, should you lead the curious coder hither, and should this post prove to be "just what [they] needed," how I hope they will send me an email to let me know (lunchtimemama at gmail) for it would positively make my day! I trust this gives you all the keywords you need to unite them and me in happy fortune. Good indexing!