Thursday, January 18, 2007

Jan 18 (a Thursday)

  • Cal Q. Luss.
  • The first day of Masked Drama portends good times ahead.
  • I was told today that something was, quote, "fierce." That event was, in and of itself, fierce. Recursive fierceness.
  • I lunched (slowly) with two lovelies.
  • Nappy nap nap.
  • January means a bunch of New Year's Resolvers bunching up the weight room. Reinhardt assures me this tapers off by February.
  • I saw four friends at the gym. This is odd. (Mem., am I being stalked? Should grow mustache)
  • Am in high spirits.
This is my forth consecutive day of napping. What is becoming of me? Slow-eating, whole-milk-drinking, napper! Pretty soon I'll just come to a total stop.