Thursday, September 21, 2006

A Good Day

Today was a good day. I. . .

  • Polished off a poem
  • Worked on a project
  • Left for the gym just as the fire alarm went off
  • where I had a great time
  • And then a great sandwhich
  • and then I more or less slept.
  • More or less.
The Poem:
I would ______ you if I had a verb to spare.
My longing;judging;expecting associates have an expectation of me
And my fellow friends of blaming;masturbating;destroying need my company.
The tomfoolers want blatherers and violators require admirers
And my prior engagements to praying;pissing;repenting;begging commit me somewhat beyond my availability.
Were it but for my heavy spending of fearing, I would devote a bit of it to us, my dear.
I would fear our lack of predicate.
As it stands, my poverty of language leaves me somewhat indebted of ideas and expression.
All I can afford you is a punctuation mark or two.