Sunday, May 07, 2006

Moving Back

  • John K. and I watched MI3. Phillip-Seymor Hoffman is sohoho evil, it's awesome (p.s., I didn't know Kevin Spacy was the new Lex Luther. WOW am I psyched for that!).
  • So I stayed up all night not-packing, and then started packing at six thirty in the morning. Who says you can't pack all of your Earthly belongings in two hours?
  • Well, the storage company (College Boxes) shows up, takes my contract, says they'll be back in a few minuets for the boxes, and then leaves without my shit. WHAT THE SHIT?! I practically shit a brick. My very kind suitemate agreed to hand the stuff over to those CB shitters since I had to catch my flight (which he did and all worked out well, except for the shittiness of everything).
  • I shleped half of my worldly goods to the airport.
  • In order to check three bags, one must pay an additional $80. Give me an S! Give me an H! [...]
  • I have 3 minute of memory from the three hour flight.
  • HOME! Dance, fools!
  • Bravo! was very good, particularly the jazz band, as always they are.
What I'm noticing these days: Logos, fonts, typefaces.