Friday, March 10, 2006

Friday, March 10

Our story begins innocently enough:

  • Bade my studiomates goodbye.
  • Hopped the SuperShuttle to LGA.
  • Our driver divined his way through foreboding Astorian byways, but we made it all right.
At this point, things make a turn for the worse:
  • No sooner does the boarding process begin, than they remove everyone from the plane and we sit once again at terminal ten.
  • We wait and wait while I fall asleep.
  • I finally awake to the PA announcement that this whole section of the airport must be evacuated. Yeah.
  • When a few thousand people try to make it through one door, it takes more than Metamucil to get shit moving again. The funniest moment came when a disembodied voice addressed the gridlocked throngs with the message, "Folks, we need everyone to please get out of the terminal right now." That gave all of us a good chuckle.
  • I really wish I'd gotten that doosey, but this slightly less amusing clip will have to suffice:

  • It wasn't long before the bomb dogs arrived. As before, I missed the really good shot (this time of the crazy bomb dog scamp'rin' all over the place):

  • I eventually made it on the plane and, from there, home. Always fun!