Thursday, February 16, 2006


  • The alarm when off. It was 9, but I was still so tired. I gambled a snuggle back into bed.
  • Oops. Spider-sense went off at 11:20 and I made my mad dash for 11:30 studio class.
  • Beating teacher to class was all that mattered. Success.
  • Pat did his monologue: Mercutio.
  • Lunch comes right after V&S and I used that half-hour to run home for my costume.
  • Made it back, suited up, ran the scene (a repeat of "A Woman of No Importance" for Jimmy's scene study class), and apologized for forgetting our Crucible rehearsal that was suppose to happen over the lunch break.
  • Today was our Reprise Day for Jimmy (every scene goes for the second time), and what a class is was! Some of the best performances I've seen from my classmates, across the board. No one sucked it up, and some - like Chrissy - made major strides. Jimmy was a gas, as always, and Stacy and I reached a very satisfying climax to our scene partnership. (Pics from class are on Flickr)
  • We ran five scenes and still finished early, so I took the hour to get pizza (I woke too late for breakfast and I used lunchtime to fetch my cloths) from the great pizza place that everyone keeps talking about (I forget the name and I can't find it on Google). Stac joined me.
  • The pizzas are oblong and they have sea salt as a condiment. Stacy and I had a lovely talk while I wolfed down the delicious pie (it really was great!).
  • Don finished out the day with one very complex scene and then we blew that joint.
  • Patrick treated me to a burger at the Silver Spurs (that one is in Google) as a thank-you for fixing his computer on Monday.
  • I had a great time at the gym.
  • I got home just in time to apply for mixed sex housing before the midnight deadline. I'm living with Nick N., Alexis, and Antonietta.
  • The End.
The best work of your life is a most frightening thing. It means you can never do anything less.