Thursday, January 05, 2006

Wed Jan Four

  • Woke up at 4pm.
  • Watched the Rose Bowl.
  • Computer stuff.
Involuntary Action
I will hunt for you. I'll catch, kill and clean wonderful things and don't forget, they're for you. My stealth is shit, but these tools I've got are the stealth. Double-barrel sarcasm. Five-gauge body language. I sleep with a lie under my pillow. I will track my pray through thickets of social grace and freezing rivers of assumption. I won't make a peep. Not a move or a twitch until those crosshairs frame the beautiful smile of my winner prize. It poisons my dreams for a month, but boy, what a kill! Oozing so much, it looks like fun. I have lessened the world a wonder and I do it for you. Too good to eat, I agree. I'll just take the picture and the badge and the sleeping pills.