Friday, January 13, 2006

Thur Jan 12

  • Today my son fixed my printer after many hard hours of configuring and intuiting.
  • I retreated to my basement layer and tinkered with my antiques while the little bugger spent the rest of the day on his mother's computer downloading what I can only imagine is illegal music and porn.
  • We had some nice father-son time watching the evening news and eating pistachios together.
  • I took a shower and, like the courteous gentleman I've taught him to be, he allowed me to enjoy full water pressure before showering himself.
  • After dinner, the little nipper beat me at chess. Twice!
  • Unable to bear further shame, I made a beeline for bed.
  • As I drifted into the ether of a dreamscape, I could swear I heard the distinctive banter of Jon Stewart radiating from the family room bellow.
  • I dreamt of threesomes.