Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Dec 7

  • Class cancelled?!
  • A minor mistake cost me half an hour in the biting cold.
  • Certain things about my Group embarrass me.
  • Ack! Blog, your "Chronological Account of The Events of My Day" structure has forced me to remember Verse class. Curse You!
  • Friends are engaged to share yesterday's eclipsing play with me again on Sunday.
  • At LONG LAST (and you, fair reader - being neither me nor my roommate - cannot fully appreciate the auspice of this encounter) I have meet MATT. Contrary to my earlier theories, he is real!
  • Had a jolly time at the jim.
  • Retired for a soothing evening of web browsing and leisurely reading.
Happy One-Month-Birthday, Blog! Ya know, I'm kinda starting to like you, you old coot. And I forgive you the thing about verse class.