Sunday, December 18, 2005

Dec 17

  • Woke bright and early.
  • Packed.
  • SuperShuttled to the airport.
  • (The airport BK menu is $1 more expensive in NY).
  • Flew home.
  • Hugged.
  • Went to the high school musical (yeah little sister!).
  • Shmoozed all the old crew.
  • Swung by Applebee's for some late-night appetizer.
  • Discussed masturbation.
  • Had a pomegranate.
  • Masturbated.
  • Fell asleep as I always do when I'm home: naked.
  • Easy peasy.
With regard to religion, one either believes or disbelieves a particular. With regard to science, one either understands or fails to understand.