Monday, December 26, 2005

Christmas '05

  • Well, let me tell you, I had a helluva time getting to sleep Christmas eve / early Christmas morning. I was very tired, but I just couldn't clock out for the life of me. I guess I was anxious to meet Santa (I didn't, sadly).
  • At any rate, I set my alarm for 6 so that I'd have time to sneak off to Krispy Kreme and surprise the Fam with a Christmas Dozen!
  • I got up all right and I decided to call ahead and see if they were open on this, a federal holiday. Ring ring ring. Ring ring ring.
  • Ring ring ring ring ring.
  • Drats!
  • Back to sleep. Sorta...
  • Dad finally woke me up at 7:something and the present ceremony commenced.
  • I was surprised to find that my Cannon PowerShow A620 digital camera, which we had order less than a week ago, was waiting for me on the mantle. Oh JOY!
  • Here are some pictures:
  • We all had a nice breakfast and then went to see a movie (it turned out to be "The Producers," which I thoroughly enjoyed).
  • We all piled home and dug into our new books by the fire.

  • And it was delicious.
  • After that, I was the only one who made it all the way through "The Godfather."
  • Everyone else went to bed and I concluded a little bit of recreational writing.
  • I reckon' I'll read for a little and then pray that sleep finds me with haste.
I've started a Flickr account for my pics. It has some more shots from today and I'll try to update it often. With the way this blog is shaping up, I wouldn't be surprised if I actually do!

Sieg Heil!