Tuesday, November 08, 2005

The Events of My Day: Monday, November the Seventh, Two Thousand and Five

  • Happy birthday dear roommate!
  • A classmate...
    • Version 1: Finally came to realize that (s)he was a cancer to the studio and all of those in it...
    • Version 2: Was finally informed by the studio and all of those in it that (s)he was a cancer...
  • ... and has announced his/her regretful departure from our institution. Tears were shed. Joyous, joyous tears.
  • An elective class has fallen from my schedule at the last possible date.
  • Birthday cupcakes were expensive and mediocre.
  • Least fulfilling ejaculation of my life.
  • Much laundry.
  • "Manos" Hands of Fate: My face hurts from smiling.
  • A new blog has begun: how puzzling.
The Empire State building is red and yellow tonight.

what don't i understand?